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From Cottages to Castles, we have special and unique homes nestled in the scenic hillsides of Laguna Beach. This seaside town even has an annual celebration – The Laguna Village Charm House Tour – where every Spring locals and visitors get a rare peek inside some of the iconic homes in Laguna Beach. This year, “Laguna Charm House” tour guides lead guests through a tucked-away organic farm set in the lush Bluebird Canyon area overlooking colorful gardens with sweeping views of the blue pacific ocean. Just minutes from the downtown Laguna Village area, this hidden gem seemed worlds away from the bustling boutiques and restaurants that draw visitors from around the world. Other unique cottages and lovely hillside homes in Laguna Beach were open for viewing. If you are interested in a private tour of Laguna Beach Homes for sale or lease, contact us at and we will be happy to introduce you to this beautiful and special beach town.


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Now that you’ve decided to sell your home, there are a lot of decisions to make.  Are there renovations to do before you list your home?  Do you have realistic expectations of your market?  Should you market on your own or list with a local realtor who can create a full market analysis and strategy?  Navigating the highly competitive and complex Real Estate market can be daunting on your own… do you know the proper disclosures that will protect you against potential legal concerns?  Do you fully understand the marketing, sale and escrow process?

Realtors bring Real Value – and there is a reason why it’s highly competitive in the real estate industry.  Not only can listing with a Realtor help you ultimately get more money for your home, but realtors are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience that can streamline the sale process.   They can guide you and help you better understand your current market, assess whether you need to do some renovations or just a few cosmetic changes, how to properly stage your home and determine the best strategy for your particular property.

Ready to list your home? The seasoned team at Laguna Coast Real Estate are at your service. Specializing in coastal properties in the Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel areas, this award winning team has successfully closed thousands of transactions.  Representing coastal sales, luxury rentals and vacation/investment homes along the Laguna Coast, you can rely on this local team of Laguna Beach Realtors that command a global presence.

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Laguna Beach: The Perfect Winter Getaway

Leave the Winter Cold Behind by Living in Laguna Beach

It seemed like only yesterday that fall had arrived and now there are Christmas carols playing on the radio and shops have already brought out their Christmas decorations. That means winter is just around the corner. If you are not ready to face the cold winter months then we have a solution for you, an escape to Laguna Beach!  Whether you come to rent a Laguna Beach House for short or long term, or if you wish to make a permanent move to the Laguna Coast, we have many wonderful options to introduce you to!  Dream of a cottage on the beach or a stylish contemporary with a panoramic Catalina Island view?  Let us give you a tour of all available homes on the market for rent or sale!

Laguna Beach is known all year round for their wonderful weather. Even in the coldest months of December thru February, the weather hardly ever drops to below 64 degrees in the daytime. If you don’t mind chilly water, there are still plenty of opportunities to frolic in the water.

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At Laguna Beach Real Estate, our agents will find you the home you need to escape the cold winter months. For more information, please contact our office today.

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Purchasing real estate is the best investment you can make because owning your own property has tremendous benefits – especially a Laguna Beach home!  Your rate of return when purchasing a house is higher than almost any other investment you can make.  Homes traditionally appreciate about five percent a year nationwide and what we’ve experienced here along the Laguna Coast over the past few years was unprecedented – where appreciation rates have been as high as 25%!

Demand for housing in Orange County is staying strong – which has created a state of permanently higher prices.  The median home price in December 2016 was $630,000 – the highest since the Recession and the highest median price for any month in over eight years – up  8.2% from December 2014.  Regional home sales also increased around 9.8 percent to 20,890 transactions – the most for any December since 2009 – with Orange County recording the biggest percentage gains (according to CoreLogic).

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Laguna Beach Homes for Sale or Lease – What is the best option for YOU?

Laguna Beach Home Values have grown at an even higher pace. Rated as one of the “Best Places to Live” (Sperling’s), the median listing price for a Laguna Beach Home was $1,965,000 (from end of Sept. 2016 to end of December 2016) with an 11% increase in median home sales in the past year.

Even if you consider real estate appreciation at a very conservative 5% – if you bought a $1,000,000 home (and put 20% down, an investment of $200,000) the property could increase in value $50,000 in the first year.  That means you would earn $50,000 with an investment of $200,000, therefore your annual return of investment would be an impressive 25%.  And, since both the interest on your mortgage and your property taxes are both tax deductable, the government is essentially subsidizing your house purchase!

Beyond the lucrative investment of owning this “tangible” investment that you can live in, your home is like an automatic savings account, accumulating savings in two ways:  Each month a portion of your payment goes towards the principal (paying down the balance) and this appreciates over time. Plus, you get the benefit of any improvements you make (and most of these improvements are also tax deductable!).

You can also rent out the home as a vacation rental (an incredibly lucrative investment here in the resort town of Laguna Beach – we can show you how – Connect with our team to learn more!) or as a long term rental for investment purposes.  This way your hard earned money is working for you instead of going into another landlord’s pocket.

Whether you are just beginning to consider the benefits of home ownership, are relocating and contemplating a purchase over renting for investment purposes, or if you are looking to upgrade to a larger property along the Laguna Coast, here are a few tips that will facilitate your house hunt and help you find the perfect home.

Laguna Beach Investment Property
A perfect Laguna Beach Home – Ask about Second Home Investment options!


For many, the best vacations are days spent relaxing on a warm beach, and nights enjoying good food, drinks, activities, music, etc. This can all come at a hefty price, particularly for those who travel often. This is why many people opt to purchase a summer or vacation home. Laguna Beach homes offer everything you are seeking in a tropical getaway without having to travel too far. Here is what you will want to consider in order to decide if renting or buying is best choice for you.


The first big question is whether or not you can afford to purchase and maintain a Laguna Beach property. Many Laguna Beach rentals are vacation homes that are rented out when the owners are not using them. For this reason, you also need to factor in how much it will cost you to maintain the property or the price to hire a third party to do so.


Almost as important as finances is your schedule. If your job or lifestyle does not allow for you to travel often, a Laguna Beach rental may be more cost efficient than buying. This is also true if your schedule is not flexible enough for you to effectively maintain the property when you are not in it.


A vacation home, particularly a Laguna Beach property, is an amazing asset to have. However, if your family or your own interests are ever-changing or if you prefer to travel to different areas, you may want to consider renting versus buying.

Beach Rentals in Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach Vacation Rentals

Have you been searching for the vacation of your dreams?  The answer may be closer to home than you think.

Laguna Beach rentals are the perfect way to escape to a beach resort without ever leaving the country.  From small, seaside condos to spectacular beach front houses, these turn-key vacation rentals can accommodate you and your sweetheart or the whole family.  Beach Rental homes offer all the best amenities, with many located right in the heart of the Village area just steps from the sand.  A Laguna Beach realtor from Laguna Coast can find you the perfect place in paradise.

Along the Laguna Coast, vacation hunters can enjoy a romantic trip to Laguna’s famed Artist Colony, or head further south to a stunning Monarch Beach home or in one of Dana Point’s cozier rentals near the Harbor.  Relax by a crackling outdoor fire pit on a cool summer night or stroll through town and enjoy Laguna Beach’s thriving restaurant scene. Whether you want to kick back on the beach or head out for some fun, these vacation rentals do not disappoint.

Laguna Beach vacation rentals will provide you with all the luxury of a tropical resort right here in the US. Pack up the whole family and head to the beach for the rest of your summer vacation. These luxurious rentals are available in all shapes and sizes, with the perfect one just waiting for you and your family to arrive. Spend your extended vacation in a place that feels like home – the beach home of your dreams!

Let Laguna Coast Real Estate make your dream vacation come true by finding you the beach rental that suits your every want and need!

House on cliffs with playing dogs Luxurious house on cliffs in Southern California beach with playing dogs on the beach at sunsetThere are some major factors in choosing a home in a coastal city. If you know what they are and what you want in a beach home, then you’ll have a much easier time finding the home of your dreams. For the best buying experience, always work with a local real estate agent.

·        Location

Location is at least as important for your beach home as your primary home, but there’s not necessarily just one right answer. You need to decide if you want to be closer to the beach or to the city center and the shops. Do you want to be in the thick of things, or would you prefer a more secluded location? How far are you willing to travel to get to certain amenities? Location also factors into price, so keep that in mind, too. Homes have a tendency to become more expensive the closer they are to the waterfront.

·        Upkeep

The true price of a beach home is more than just the purchase price. There’s time and money that goes into maintaining it as well. If it’s not your primary residence, then you might want a comprehensive security system to watch over it when you’re not around. Home insurance for beach homes is often pricier than other areas, and you might also be buying a home in an area with a HOA, whose fees need paying. Then there’s the maintenance of the home itself. Get the home inspected and find out if anything needs repairs whether any part of the structure is susceptible to saltwater corrosion, molds, or other problems that can come from being close to the ocean.

·        Your Own Plans

If you’re buying the home with hopes to rent it out when you’re not using it, make sure to educate yourself on all applicable tax laws. At the same time, don’t buy more house than you can afford if your rental income isn’t as high as you would like it to be. Finally, if you want rent out the home, you’ll might want to look for a place with a more universal appeal, rather than one that’s tailored specifically to your tastes.

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Make beautiful Laguna Beach your home town!

Have you ever thought about making Laguna Beach your next home town?  In many ways, this charming seaside village is the ideal place to start fresh with your significant other or to raise a family.  In addition to the high-end luxury homes and stunning views, Laguna Beach also offers a first rate education system and especially low crime rate.  The rankings for elementary to high schools are exceptionally high while it’s home to an impressive 29% of wealthy homeowners. In the past year, Laguna Beach has had less than 50 counts of assault, burglary and theft.  This is a close-knit community where neighbors look out for one another.

Of course, Laguna Beach has much more to offer than just benefits of living in a safe neighborhood and great schools – the possibility of having a piece pristine coastline as your backyard being just one.  The unique shops and friendly neighbors have made Laguna a lively, engaging place to live.  No matter what age you are, there’s a myriad number of activities to indulge in as well.  With miles of beaches for strolling, surfing, skim boarding or just soaking in the sun and many hillside trails with spectacular views, there is much to do here.  The excellent nightlife, represented in the wide variety of restaurants, festivals and galleries, make Laguna Beach an entertaining choice for young and old.

Laguna Beach is made up of many unique and special neighborhoods.  From the guard-gated, exclusive communities of Emerald Bay, Smithcliffs, Lagunita, Blue Lagoon and Three Arch Bay to Mystic Hills and Temple Hills above the village area, Laguna has so much to offer. Let us welcome you to this wonderful coastal town, we would be happy to provide a private tour of this scenic area!

Laguna Coast Real Estate is a one-of-a-kind realty company that provides top of the market Laguna Beach properties, perfect for either investing or making a home in this special town.  From ocean view homes for sale or rent, we’ve got you covered!

Visit our homepage for a first look at our featured Laguna Beach properties.

With summer here, last minute plans on where to go might leave you wondering where to turn – we can help!  We always have Vacation Rentals in Laguna Beach!

Why not spend the rest of summer in the beautiful coastal village of Laguna Beach?  We have perfect beach houses to choose from – many just steps to the sand.

Laguna Beach is ranked as the 6th happiest seaside town in America, according to

Laguna Beach houses are still available for summer rentals, offering vacation renters a sophisticated environment along the Laguna Coast. Laguna Beach real estate offers seaside homes with dramatic views and miles of coastline to enjoy – along with to stunning sunsets every evening.

Summer festivals in this Artsy town are in full swing and the world class art and rich cultural diversity is part of what makes this creative and scenic area inviting to visitors. The summertime is all about sea, sun and fun… and Laguna Beach offers all of that and more.

If you would like to make Laguna Beach your summertime place of residence, start your search for the best rentals in Laguna Beach right here!  The most efficient and hassle-free way to rent a Laguna Beach home is finding a good real estate company to guide you.  Laguna Coast Real Estate provides the best Laguna Beach vacation rentals that meet every tenant’s specific needs.  For more information about our services, visit our website or call the Laguna Coast Real Estate team to begin your search.

Iconic Lighthouse at Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has attractions all year round to keep locals entertained. Whether you want to be indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of options for your next adventure. Here is a list of things to do in Laguna Beach.

  • La Tour (pictured above) is a beautiful tower based at the edge of a cliff in Laguna Beach. It’s privately owned, but you may walk up to it and take a picture of the stunning views.
  • Laguna Art Museum exhibits artwork created by California artists, only California artists. The art itself ranges across all periods and styles.
  • Main Beach is Laguna’s “Window to the Sea” is located in downtown. Some features of this beach are volleyball and basketball courts, a children’s playground, picnic tables, tide pools, public restroom and showers, and swimming/water activities.
  • Alta Laguna Park is perfect for those looking to take a hike, or looking for a family activity. It’s a hilltop park with a baseball field, tennis courts, a half basketball court, walking trails, picnic tables and a playground.
  • And many more…

Laguna Beach has a momentous amount of attractions to keep locals entertained all year. When you’re ready to live in a place you love, visit Laguna Beach Real Estate has properties available for rent and for sale in your favorite beach city.